Secure Mobile Access 12.4 CMS Administration Guide

Define Policy

To define policies

  1. Navigate to Managed Appliances > Configure.
  2. Click Define Policy.

  3. Under Security Administration, define:

    • Access Control
    • Resources (web, file, group and variables)

    • Users & Groups

  4. Under User Access, define:

    • Realms
    • Network Tunnel Service

    • Web Proxy Service

    • WorkPlace

    • SAML Identity Provider

    • Agent Configuration

    • End Point Control

    • Capture Advanced Threat Protection

  5. Under System Configuration, define:

    • Administrators
    • Authentication Servers

    • CA certificates

    • OSCP (Online Certificate Status Protocol)

    • Network Settings

  6. When you are finished defining a policy, click Save or OK.

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