Secure Mobile Access 12.4 CMS Administration Guide


The Dashboard page is the first screen that appears after you log in. You can also access it anytime by clicking Management Server > Dashboard from the menus.

The Dashboard is divided into the sections illustrated and explained below.

  • Menus - Contains the commands for central management of your devices.
  • Alerts - Contains a list of currently active alerts. Select an Alert to view more information.
  • Appliance Load - an estimate of the current load on an appliance based on metrics such as CPU, Swap Usage, Bandwidth, and memory usage.
  • Appliances - Shows all online appliances. Select a managed appliance to view information about it Appliances are sorted starting with the appliance with the most users.
  • Central License Usage - Displays information about license usage.
  • About - Displays CMS Information consisting of Model, Hypervisor platform, Version, Hotfixes, System Time, Uptime, License.

Each pane is independently refreshed with updated information/status.

The Dashboard panes use the following color codes:

  • Green (OKAY)
  • Yellow (WARNING)
  • Red (ERROR)

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