Secure Mobile Access 12.4 CMS Administration Guide

Setting Up a CMS

To setup a Centrally Managed VPN infrastructure

For setting up a CMS on AWS, Azure and KVM, refer to the respective Getting Started Guide.

  1. Setup a virtual instance (ESX, Hyper-V) of the release firmware.
  2. Start the virtual machine and wait for a login prompt to appear.
  3. Login as root (no password is required).
  4. Press any key to continue.
  5. Enter the network settings for the internal interface (labeled 2 on the appliance).

    • IP Address
    • Subnet mask
    • Gateway

    If you are on the same network as the appliance, press Enter when prompted for the gateway.

  6. Continue until instructed to access the console from a browser at https://<Internal-IP-Address>:8443

  7. Click Next to view the License Agreement.

  8. Read the agreement and, if you agree, select I accept the terms of the license agreement.
  9. Click Next to select Basic Settings.

  10. Select Install this appliance as the central management server for a pool of appliances.
  11. Under Administrator password, enter the password you want for the administrator and confirm it.

    Be sure to save or write this password down in a secure location. It is encrypted and is difficult to recover if you forget it.

  12. Under Date and time, select the time zone from the Time Zone menu.
  13. Click Next.

    The Network Settings page is displayed.

  14. Enter a descriptive name in the Appliance name field.
  15. Select the Single interface option.

    CMS is restricted to a single interface; it cannot be set up with dual interfaces.

  16. Enter the Internal Interface IP address and Subnet mask.
  17. Click Next.

  18. From the Routing mode menu, select Default gateway.
  19. In the Default gateway IP address field, enter the gateway IP address.
  20. Click Next.

  21. Enter your domain in the Default domain field.
  22. Enter the IP address of the primary DNS server into the DNS Server field.
  23. Click Next.

  24. Under Locale, enter the Country and the Location.
  25. Select Enable pushing policy configuration from this server to managed appliances.
  26. Click Next.

  27. Click Finish.

    The configuration changes are applied and a Log-in screen appears.

  28. Log in with user name as admin and the password that you just configured.

    The Central Management Console (CMC) Dashboard page appears.

    You can now download and install a CMS license from Refer to Licensing.

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