Secure Mobile Access 12.4 CMS Administration Guide

Disaster Recovery for the VPN Service

Customers can setup Disaster Recovery (DR) for their VPN by locating appliances that are in a Global Traffic Optimizer (GTO) service at different data centers. Configuring a standby appliance is another good way to ensure connectivity during a service outage.

Disaster recovery of the VPN service enables the continuation of remote access capabilities when a disaster or failure occurs to a major location. Users use the same GTO service name (such as and SMA appliances that are located at other locations that are part of the global VPN service accepts the connection requests.

Planning the Disaster Recovery for the VPN service is done in conjunction with disaster recovery planning of other essential IT services. SMA appliances (that are part of the GTO service) must be located at alternate data centers along with other key infrastructure components.

If a disaster destroys a data center that has SMA appliances, the remaining appliances continue to provide service.

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