Secure Mobile Access 12.4 CMS Administration Guide

Registering an SMA Appliance with the CMS

After you configure GTO on the CMS, you must register the SMA appliance with the CMS.

To register the SMA appliance with the CMS

  1. Navigate to Managed Appliances > Add/Remove.

  2. Click the (+) New icon.

  3. In the Name field, enter a name for the new appliance. For example, Seattle-01.
  4. In the Management address field, enter the IP address for the new appliance.
  5. In the One Time Password field, enter the one time password obtained from the Maintenance > Central Management page of the SMA appliance.

  6. Click OK. This registers the appliance with the CMS and adds it to the CMS list. The dialog changes with more options.

    The client certificate warning, DNS name field, and Public IP field are only visible when CMS is enabled for GTO.

  7. In the Display Name field, enter the name you want displayed for this appliance.
  8. In the Host name field, enter a unique DNS-legal name for this appliance, for example seattle01.

  9. In the Management address field, enter the IP address for the appliance.

  10. In the Public IP field, enter the internet-visible, public IP address for this appliance.

    The Public IP should be the address by which remote users will access this appliance. The default IP address is the external IP address of the appliance. The public IP address may be different from its external IP address if the public WAN addresses are using NAT at the DMZ.

  11. If the appliance has an IPv6 address, enter that IP address in the Public IPv6 field.
  12. In the Pool IP field, enter the IP address that is reachable by other appliances by the same CMS. This IP address is only required if the Public IP of this appliance cannot be reached by the other managed appliances.

  13. From the Country menu, select the country where the appliance is located.

  14. In the Location field, enter the city, state, or province where the appliance is located.

  15. Check the box for Standby appliance to enable users connecting to GTO service to be routed to this appliance when all designated appliances serving GTO users are unavailable. (SeeUsing Standby Appliances for more information on using and configuring standby appliances).
  16. Click Save.

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