Secure Mobile Access 12.4 CMS Administration Guide

Monitoring and Configuring GTO

The CMC dashboard shows which appliances are participating in GTO. A GTO participant appliance’s nominal status is GTO with a green globe icon. A non-participant appliance's nominal status is Managed. The top of the dashboard displays GTO service warnings and errors, if any.

To manage GTO services

  1. Navigate to Managed Appliances > Configure.
  2. Click Global Traffic Optimizer.

    From this page, you can manage the following items:

    • Global Traffic Optimizer (GTO)
    • Central policies for managed appliances
    • Synchronize appliance policies with the central policy

    The GTO Services page shows a table of all GTO services and their statuses. GTO services are colored green, yellow, or red to reflect their health status. On the lower part of the page is a guide for creating a GTO service with a Custom FQDN, Exchange, or Workplace Site.

    The Appliance Certificates page shows which Certificate Subject Alternative Names (SANs) must be included in each appliance certificate, and notifies the administrator which SANs are missing.

    The DNS Delegations page describes the additional steps an administrator must take to configure the public DNS system for GTO, and provides a helper tool to generate DNS records in BIND format.

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