Secure Mobile Access 12.4 CMS Administration Guide

Setting up the CMS and SMA appliances

Before you can configure the GTO, you must first set up a CMS and at least two SMA appliances. GTO uses a distributed data store to shares session state and licensing information across the SMA appliances.

Managed appliances must be able to communicate with each other via their external interface IP addresses or internet-routable IP addresses in order for them to be able to share information in the distributed data store.

Set up a CMS by following the instructions in Installing and Configuring the Central Management Server for establishing a CMS virtual machine to control the GTO service and manage the configuration of its component SMA appliances.

Set up the SMA appliances by following the instructions inConfiguring Appliances for Central Management. Follow the initial Setup Wizard configuration steps for cabling, administrator password, internal and external interface addresses, routing mode, and gateways, etc.

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