Secure Mobile Access 12.4 CMS Administration Guide

Managed Appliances

Managed appliances are SMA 1000 series appliances that are registered with the CMS so that they can be centrally managed.

Each managed appliance must be an SMA Version 12.4 (or later) SMA appliance. A group of managed appliances may consist of physical and/or virtual appliances.

In this document, the term SMA 1000 series appliance refers to these appliances:

  • SMA 6200
  • SMA 6210
  • SMA 7200
  • SMA 7210
  • SMA 8200v

The Virtual Appliance name has been changed to the SMA 8200v virtual appliance.

Managed appliances send health and status information to the CMS. They accept policy configuration, user licenses, and maintenance commands from the CMS. Managed appliance communication with a CMS is secured with TLS.

CMS must be able to communicate with appliances on port 443.

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