Secure Mobile Access 12.4 CMS Administration Guide

Licensing CMS

CMS has the ability to manage appliances licensed with different feature sets. Unlike SMA appliances, the CMS contacts the online SonicWall License Manager service to obtain its license.

SMA appliances download and import a license file from the MySonicWall portal.

To license the CMS initially, you enter the serial number and authentication code into the CMS console. The CMS then contacts the License Manager service and obtains its license. After that, the CMS periodically contacts the License Manager service to refresh its license.

A CMS Base License is available at no cost from MySonicWall. You enable a CMS Base License by entering the serial number and the authentication code. A CMS Base License allows you to manage three appliances. A CMS Base license comes with a trial for pooled licenses for a limited period of time. A CMS Base License enables you to use the CMS without pooled licensing. A CMS Base License enables you to manage and monitor licensed SMA appliances. You can upgrade from a Trial License to a Base License.

Central User Licenses (Pooled Licenses) are shared licenses that are available to CMS-managed appliances. To use pooled licensing, you must add Central User Licenses to the CMS Base License. Central User Licenses can be subscription licenses (valid for specific periods of time, such as 1 year or 3 years), or perpetual licenses (without an expiration date).

CMS subscription licenses do not have SUPPORT SKUs. CMS subscription user licenses include support costs.CMS perpetual licenses require SUPPORT SKUs.

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