Secure Mobile Access 12.4 CMS Administration Guide

Global Traffic Optimizer

GTO allows customers to deploy a VPN infrastructure without the need for load balancers or global traffic management using a CMS and SMA 1000 series appliances. The SMA appliances may be located in a datacenter or globally distributed.

GTO allows customers to deploy the SonicWall GTO service. A GTO service is an online VPN service that is enabled by a cluster of SMA appliances working in concert to provide users with a highly available and optimized VPN infrastructure.

The GTO service distributes VPN connection requests from users to the appropriate SMA appliances. Load distribution is done using heuristics based on system parameters that are known and monitored by the GTO service. These parameters include appliance availability, appliance proximity to the user, user load, and appliance capacity.

To use GTO with Connect Tunnel, Connect Tunnel must be upgraded to 12.1 or above.

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