Secure Mobile Access 12.4 CMS Administration Guide


FIPS can be enabled on centrally managed appliances.

  • A central FIPS license allows all appliances managed by the CMS to be FIPS-enabled.
  • A CMS can obtain a central license (that includes FIPS) from:
    • The MySonicWall License Manager service
    • A central license file (for closed networks)

  • To be managed by the CMS, FIPS-enabled appliances are not required to be part of a GTO service.
  • A CMS license that includes FIPS must also include central user licenses. An appliance that is not centrally licensed cannot be FIPS-enabled from a CMS-based license.

When the CMS central user license has FIPS, the administrator can enable FIPS individually for any managed appliance from its AMC. (See “Enabling FIPS” in the SMA 12.4.1 Administration Guide for more information).

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