Secure Mobile Access 12.4 CMS Administration Guide

Central Management Console

The Central Management Console (CMC) provides the user with a single screen (called the Dashboard) to show Active alerts, Appliance status, License status, and Geographic View of all appliances on a map of the world. The Dashboard also allows you, from a single point to:

  • Configure appliances (using push configuration settings).
  • Maintain appliances: upgrade/hotfix, EPC update, add SSL certificates, and Restart.
  • Use a one-click (single sign-on) to the AMC of managed appliance.
  • View health history and reports for all appliances.
  • Configure alerts, manage alert notifications for appliances or CMS.
  • Install a central user license. Central licenses are available to all appliances as user demand changes between appliances.

Central Management Over the Internet

With Central Management Over the Internet, you can manage SMA appliances hosted in a data center using a CMS that is hosted outside the data center. You can also manage SMA appliances located in a different data center (without a dedicated link between the data centers) over the Internet.

Central Certificate Management

From the CMS, administrators can also manage certificates for all of the appliances managed by the CMS by:

  • Creating Certificate Signing Requests, facilitating the process of obtaining certificates from a Certificate Authority
  • Importing certificates issued by a Certificate Authority to a centralized store on the CMS
  • Deploying selected certificates to specific appliances and then configuring those appliances to use the selected certificates, either immediately or at a scheduled time.
  • Reviewing the list of certificates that have been imported to the CMS.
  • Being alerted when certificates are due to expire.

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