Secure Mobile Access 12.4 CMS Administration Guide

Firmware Compatibility with the CMS

CMS can only manage appliances running firmware that is the same version (or higher) than the CMS. The CMS and all appliances must be running 12.4 firmware (or later) to activate the CMS and GHA feature improvements contained in the 12.4 firmware.

CMS can be used to manage appliance that have been upgraded to a new release that is one version above the CMS version. However, newer features on the managed appliances may not work until the CMS is upgraded to the same version as all the managed appliances.

It is strongly recommended that the customers/partners upgrade their CMS/SMA appliances to the latest/actively supported feature release and client/platform hotfixes with 12.4 firmware, respectively, and stay up to date from feature set, performance and security standpoint.

CMS can only manage appliances which are of same or higher version than CMS.

For more information about upgrading CMS and its managed appliances, refer to the SMA 12.4 Upgrade Guide.

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