Secure Mobile Access 12.4 CMS Administration Guide

Enabling Central Management and Registering an SMA Appliance with the CMS

Before an appliance can be registered with the CMS, it must first be enabled for Central Management. In addition, the CMS must have an unused appliance license (obtained from the CMS license) before an SMA Appliance can be registered. The administrator must enable Central Management and type the One-Time Password into the console of the SMA appliance. In addition the administrator must register the appliance with the CMS.

The One-Time Password is used to establish a secure channel, and all subsequent communications go through the secure channel. The appliance uploads its information (model, version, serial#) to the CMS. The CMS pushes a Leased License to the appliance, and then (if configured), pushes the configuration settings to the appliance.

The managed appliance is now online and ready to accept VPN connections.

After you have registered a SMA 8200v appliance with a CMS, you cannot re-register it to a different CMS.

To enable central management

  1. On the AMC for the appliance, navigate to System Configuration > Maintenance.

  2. In the System Configuration section, under Central Management, click Configure.

  3. Verify that Enable central management is selected.
  4. Choose Save.
  5. Click on the link to Apply Pending Changes.

  6. Click Apply Changes.

    The one time password is now active and the appliance is ready to be registered by the CMS.

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