Secure Mobile Access 12.4 CMS Administration Guide

Central Spike User Licenses

Spike licensing allows temporary increases in the number of available licenses to meet sudden increases in demand for licenses due to inclement weather or disaster. Spike licenses can be applied to a CMS using either a subscription user license or perpetual user license. Spike user licenses are “full” user licenses and allow any type of connection (e.g., tunnel, web, ActiveSync). A spike license is automatically activated for a day if the user session count exceeds the CMS user license count.

If you are consuming a spike license from a managed appliance when the CMS is turned OFF, the spike activation status will be displayed as “online-inactive” even after utilizing the license.

When a spike is active, it allows the appliances to service up to sum of:

  • the CMS base license max user count
  • the spike license max user count

The CMS Dashboard and Licensing page will indicate that a spike is in effect, along with its Start and Stop times.

A central spike license allows any of these user licenses to spike:

  • Subscription full-user license
  • Subscription tiered-user license
  • Perpetual full-user license

When a spike license is installed on a CMS with a subscription user license, and the subscription license expires, the spike will remain enabled.

When SMA is licensed with a standalone license, and that license is expires, the spike license also expires.

The CMS administrator can control whether or not to use automatic spike licensing.

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