Secure Mobile Access 12.4 CMS Administration Guide

Setting Up CMS to Use Central User Licenses

Once you have SMA appliances registered with CMS, you can transition to Central User Licensing.

If you have an HA Pair, you need to engage with SonicWall Sales to exchange your HA pair licenses for CMS-based Central User Licenses.

To transition standalone SMA appliances to use the Central User License model

  1. Log into the Central Management Console.
  2. Navigate to Management Server > Configure.
  3. Click Licensing.

    The Manage Licenses page displays.

  4. Select Register.
  5. Enter the MySonicWall credentials of the MySonicWall account who owns the licenses for the Central Management Server.
  6. Enter the serial number and authentication code that match the license in MySonicWall.
  7. Enter a friendly name to identify this CMS in your MySonicWall account.
  8. Select Submit. You see the MySonicWall view of your license.

    You can get back to this at any time after you are registered by navigating to Management Server > Configure and clicking on Licensing and re-entering your MySonicWall credentials.

  9. Select Return. This is the normal view of a registered CMS license. It shows the licensing mode as online and how long since it was last synchronized. It should never be more than 24 hours since was last synchronized.

You can also select Synchronize to force an immediate synchronization with MySonicWall.

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