Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Tunnel Exclusions

Resource Exclusion List feature is enhanced and renamed as Tunnel Exclusions from 12.4.1 version onwards. Tunnel Exclusion excludes host names, IP addresses, subnets, IP ranges, or domains from being redirected to the appliance.

An Exclusion is a named list of:

  • Addresses
  • Address ranges
  • Networks (supports slash format)
  • Domain names (wildcards supported)

An Exclusion does not have any effect unless used by a community. It can be public or private names/addresses or names resolved by an appliance.

To use an exclusion in a Community, configure the Tunnel Access settings to use one or more exclusions. These exclusions apply to both Split Tunnel and Redirect All Tunnel sessions.

When using Split Tunnel redirection mode, access agents and browsers will redirect connections to the appliance only for destination resources which you have defined. Exclusions do not affect access control and to disallow access to a particular resource, create a deny rule for it.

For more information on how to configure Tunnel Exclusions, see Using the Exclusions.

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