Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Device VPN Enhancements

Secure Network Detection allows users to automatically establish a tunnel connection when attempting to login from an unsecure location. The client determines whether the device is in a secure network by validating the TLS connection to the configured secure host. When Secure Network Detection is enabled, the Connect Tunnel client can detect when the user is located on a non-secure network and automatically establish a tunnel connection.

Mobile connect still follows DNS suffix entry for detecting secure network.

Secure Hosts for secure network detection can now be configured under community level and you can configure up to three secure hosts.

To configure secure host

  1. Log in to AMC.
  2. Navigate to User Access > Realms.
  3. Select the realm for which you want to configure the tunnel client.
  4. Navigate to Tunnel Access tab and select Enable secure network detection checkbox.
  5. Click + icon to add the secure host.
  6. In the Host field, enter the host name or IP address which you want to verify for identifying secure network.
  7. In the Fingerprint drop-down, select the secure hash algorithm based on your requirement. The supported algorithms are SHA256, and SHA1.

  8. Click Save.

You can configure up to three secure hosts.

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