Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Configuring Trusted Network Detection

The Apple Trusted Network Detection (TND) enhancement to the iOS Connect On Demand feature is available in iOS 6. TND results in the following:

  • Can be used only with Connect on Demand.

  • Extends the Connect on Demand functionality by determining whether the user is on a trusted network.

  • Configured with the iPhone Configuration Utility.

  • Used for Wi-Fi connections only. When operating over other types of network connections, Connect on Demand does not use TND to determine whether a VPN should be connected.

Connect On Demand starts a VPN connection whenever a user tries to access a destination with a hostname specified in the domains list. For example, if * is in the Always Connected list, when a user accesses, the client starts a VPN connection regardless of the network to which the device is currently connected. TND compares the VPN and local DNS servers and DNS suffixes to determine whether to use Mobile Connect and dial the VPN, as shown inthe Trusted Network Detection according to suffixes table.

Trusted Network Detection according to suffixes
DNS SuffixesDNS ServersLogin
NoneNoneRefused - no VPN
NoneSameRefused - no VPN
SameSameRefused - no VPN
SameSame and othersAllowed

Consult documentation from Apple Inc. for more information about Trusted Network Detection and Connect on Demand.

To determine if TND is available for your connection, tap the info indicator in the Status row on the Connection tab. This displays the buttons used to enable/disable TND if available.

To configure Trusted Network Detection

  1. Tap the Info icon in the Status row on the Connection tab.

  2. Ensure Connect On Demand is turned on.

  3. Turn on Trusted Networks.

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