Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Windows Tunnel Client Automatic Client Updating

For users who are running the Windows version of the Connect Tunnel or OnDemand Tunnel client, you can ensure that they have the most recent version of the client by enabling automatic software updating.

Each time a user starts a Windows tunnel client and authenticates, the current client software version is checked against the newest version available on the appliance. If a newer version is available, the user is alerted that an update is ready for download. You can configure (on a per-community basis) what options a user has for installing client updates:

  • Allow the user to choose when to start the update process. The update can be deferred indefinitely; however, the user will see the update alert whenever the tunnel client is started (once per day) until the update is installed.
  • Make updates mandatory by either requiring them (the user must accept updates in order to access VPN resources) or enforcing them (the install process begins immediately and the user cannot cancel it).

When a user accepts a tunnel client software update by clicking Install in the software-update box, the client software update is automatically downloaded and installed on the user’s computer (in the case of Connect Tunnel) or activated (in the case of OnDemand Tunnel). After the installation is complete, the tunnel client automatically restarts. Users do not need to reboot their computers after installing the update.

For information about configuring software updating, see Configuring Tunnel Client Settings.

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