Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Viewing Realms

You can view the list of configured realms, including all “building blocks” that are associated with each one: the authentication servers and communities. The communities, in turn, determine who has access using what methods, what security zone to place a device in, based on its profile, and even the appearance of WorkPlace.

To view configured realms

  1. Under User Access in the left navigation pane, click Realms.

    The Realms page displays.

    Collapsed view

    The Collapsed View gives you a quick summary of each realm. Click any item to go directly to its corresponding configuration page in AMC:

    • All realms that are enabled appear in blue, while those in gray are disabled. Users and groups associated with a disabled realm are unable to log in. See Enabling and Disabling Realms for more details.
    • The Authentication server area shows the name or names of the servers that are used by a realm to verify users’ identities. Clicking on the server name displays the System Configuration > Authentication Servers page for that server.
    • The (optional) descriptive text you entered when creating a realm is on the right.
    • You can use the:

      • Up and Down Arrow icons to re-order the list of realms.

      • Copy icon to create a copy of a realm to modify.

      • Delete icon to delete a realm.

    • Below the server information is a list of communities associated with the realm.

      Expanded view

      The Expanded View expands the list of communities to graphically represent the Communities, Tunnel Access, Browser Access, Workplace appearance, and Zones.

      You can:

      • Expand or collapse all realms by clicking on the Expand all details or Collapse all details link at the top of the page.
      • Expand or collapse a single realm by clicking its:

        • Right Arrow ( ) to see more detail.

        • Down Arrow ( ) to see less detail.

  2. Communities allow you to group realm members based on different security needs. For a quick check of which members belong to a community, move the pointer over the community name.

  3. You can access the relevant pages for:

    • Default style – The appearance of the WorkPlace portal is governed by a style and layout that you can configure. If you have a community of mobile device users, for example, you might want to create a more compact look and layout for it.
    • Tunnel Access – Lists the tunnel access method(s) for the community.
    • Browser Access – Lists the browser access method(s) for the community.
    • Security Zone – Are used to allow or deny access using device profiles. For a quick check of which device profiles are used by a particular zone, move the pointer over the zone name.
  4. There are a number of community-level configuration changes you can make on this page in AMC. Move the cursor over a community name:

    Using the controls that appear when you are positioned over a community, you can:

    • Add or delete a community with the Add(+) or Delete (X) icons.
    • Change the order in which users are grouped by moving the community left or right with the Right(>) or Left (<) Arrow icons.
    • To see the session workflow, move the pointer over the community name and click the Session Flow icon.

  5. Specify a default realm from the Default realm drop-down menu (at the bottom of the page), which lists all the displayed realms.

    The default realm is preselected in user login screens.

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