Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide


On pages in AMC that contain a list of items that can grow to many pages in a large configuration, filtering is available to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. Filters are available on the AMC pages shown in the below table:

Pages containing filters
Security AdministrationUser Access
Access ControlWorkPlace
ResourcesWorkPlace > Shortcut Groups
Resources > Resource GroupsMonitoring
Users & GroupsUser Sessions
Users & Groups > Local AccountsLogging

The exact filters vary slightly with each page, but the following functionality is consistent across all pages:

  • There is a reset link that resets the filter fields to their default values.

  • There is a red active indicator that indicates that the page was loaded using filters, meaning that the list may not be displaying all the configured items.

  • There is a Refresh button that reloads the page with the specified filters applied.

  • The filters are stored so that the next time you load the page, it uses the same filters that were last applied. The filters are stored across sessions, so even if you log out and log back in, the same filters will be used.

  • There is a footer at the bottom of the list that shows the number of items displayed and the total number of items in the list. If filtering is active, there is a (filtered) indicator and a Show all link that resets the filters to the defaults and refresh the page to display all items in the list.

In general, the available filters map to the displayed columns in the list. In some cases, such as Resource Groups or Shortcut Groups, you can filter the list based on the members of the group, which is not a column in the list. As another example, on the Resources page you could filter the list based on something in the Value attribute, which is not a column, but is visible when an item in the list is expanded.

One way that you could use this feature for custom filtering is to create your own “tags” by adding a custom string to the Description field of related items. For example, if a certain set of resources are all used by one department or for one customer, you could add a keyword or tag to the description of those resources, and then use the filtering capability to quickly display only the resources that contain the special keyword or tag.

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