Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Deleting Referenced Objects

You cannot delete an object (such as a resource or a user) if it is still referenced by another object (the checkbox next to it in AMC cannot be selected) or is a built-in component (such as Connect Tunnel).

To delete an object that is in use by anther object—such as a Web shortcut, a WorkPlace layout, or an access rule—you must first out what objects are using it. To do this, expand the list item by clicking on the plus (+) sign next to it.

The below table lists the object types that cannot be deleted if they are referenced by other objects.

This object typeCan be referenced by this object type
ResourceAccess control rules, resource groups, WorkPlace Web shortcuts
Resource groupsAccess control rules
UsersAccess control rules
User groupsAccess control rules
RealmsUsers, user groups
Authentication serversRealms
Web application profilesResources
End Point Control zonesAccess control rules, communities
Device profilesEnd Point Control zones

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