Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Creating the CSV File

The CSV file used to import user accounts into the appliance must be generated with the guidelines shown in the below table, and fields must be in the order shown.

CSV file field order
FieldRequired or OptionalGuidelinesDescription
UsernameRequired1-255 characters (case-sensitive)Name the user enters to login
DescriptionOptionalAny number and type of characters allowedAdditional information about the user
PasswordOptionalMust conform to the password policy configured for the local authentication server (used only when importing new users)Password the user enters to login

Must contain either Trueor False


Whether the user is allowed to login
E-mailOptionalLocal user name and domain name separated by an @ (up to 254 characters)Valid e-mail address used to send one-time passwords to the user
DevicesOptionalComma-separated listDevice IDs associated with the user

Comma-separated list (up to 255 characters)

A group is created if AMC tries to import an undefined group.

Comma-separated list of groups to which the user belongs

This example shows the file format required to import users into AMC:

The following guidelines are also required, as shown in the above example:

  • The first row of the file is ignored, because the CSV format uses the first row as column headers.

  • String values are typically quoted using double quotes (“).

  • String values containing commas must be quoted.

  • String values containing quotes must escape the quote by using another double quote character, for example, “The group name is “”Team1””.”

If AMC encounters any errors in the CSV file, no data is imported and an error message is displayed. Error messages are shown in Import and Export Error Messages.

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