Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Adding Communities to a Realm

After you create a realm, the next step is to configure one or more communities that belong to it. If all users in a realm should be treated the same, then only a single community needs to be defined. Create additional communities if you want to subdivide users; you might want to give remote employees, for example, access methods and End Point Control restrictions that differ from those for local employees. Each community defines the following:

  • A subset of users within a realm

  • Which access methods are available to those users when they log in to a realm

  • What restrictions (if any) are placed on their end point devices

Each realm on the appliance must reference at least one community. Using multiple communities can be an efficient way of segmenting your user population to provide specific access agents to certain users or to place End Point Control restrictions on certain types of devices used by community members.

You can either use the preconfigured Default community (see Using the Default Community) or add other communities to the realm. As your user access or security policy requirements change over time, you can add additional communities to a realm, modify the user communities referenced by a realm or delete them.

To add a community to a realm

  1. After creating a realm on the General tab of the Configure Realm page, go to the Communities page by clicking the Next button.

    The Configure Realm page displays with the Communities tab highlighted.

  2. If you want to use an existing community as is (without changing it), you may need to change the order in which the communities are listed. See Changing the Order of Communities Listed in a Realm.
  3. To:

    • Create a new community for the realm, click the + (New) icon.

    • Edit an existing community, click its link.

      The Configure Community page displays. Follow the steps described in Creating and Configuring Communities.

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