Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

ADA 508 Improvements

The Administrator (AMC) and User Access (WorkPlace and Connect Tunnel) components provided with your appliance have ADA 508 improvements for the operating systems shown in the below table.

ADA 508 improvements
Connect Tunnel

ADA 508 improvements include the following features to improve keyboard usability and compatibility with assistive technologies:

  • Keyboard shortcuts and proper keyboard tab order.
  • Visual focus that identifies the user’s location on a page and allows them to use the Tab key to move between elements on a page. This is especially helpful for tabbed pages, radio buttons, checkboxes, push buttons, and other types of selection methods.
  • Meaningful popup captions on property windows, boxes, and non-text elements.
  • Completion message when Connect Tunnel successfully completes installation.
  • User actions in the Configuration Wizard are more accessible.
  • Browser-based High Contrast theme, which makes text on the computer screen easier to see. This feature is available on Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox browsers, but results vary based on the operating system and browser combination.

Login and runtime, session statistics, and status are rearranged to make them more accessible.

SonicWall recommends using NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA) or JAWS screen-reading software.

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