Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Internal Firewall

If you have a firewall on the internal network, you may need to adjust its policy to open ports for back-end applications with which the appliance must communicate. In addition to opening ports for standard network services such as DNS and email, you may need to modify your firewall policy before the appliance can access the services shown in the below table.

Traffic types and ports used by SMA on internal network
Traffic typePort/protocolUsage
Microsoft networking
  • 138/tcp and 138/udp
  • 137/tcp and 137/udp
  • 139/udp
  • 162/snmp
  • 445/smb
Used by WorkPlace to perform WINS name resolution, browse requests, and access file shares
LDAP (unencrypted)389/tcpCommunicate with an LDAP directory or Microsoft Active Directory
LDAP over SSL (encrypted)636/tcpCommunicate with an LDAP directory or Microsoft Active Directory over SSL
RADIUS1645/udp or 1812/udpCommunicate with a RADIUS authentication server
NTP123/udpSynchronize the appliance clock with an NTP server
Syslog514/tcpSend system log information to a syslog server
SNMP161/udpMonitor the appliance from an SNMP management tool

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