Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Configuring Hyper-V for SMA 8200v

Hyper-V is supported on Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019.

To create a new SMA 8200v on a Hyper-V host

  1. Copy the SMA ISO file to a location that can be accessed by the Hyper-V Manager.

  2. Create a Generation 1 virtual machine with 4 processors and 8GB of memory.

  3. Create a new 64 GB dynamic hard drive with a .vhdx suffix instead of a .vhd suffix.)

  4. Add the hard drive to the virtual machine on IDE Controller 0.

  5. Create a second network adapter. Select VMXnet3 for the NIC.

    The virtual machine is created with just one network adapter.

  6. The virtual machine gets created with a DVD:

    • Specify the media for the DVD to be the SMA ISO file.

    • Change the virtual machine BIOS boot order so that the DVD is first.

  7. Start the virtual machine. It boots from the DVD.

    After a successful boot, an SMA appliance is created, and the virtual machine is automatically stopped.

  8. Remove ISO SMA as it is no longer needed.

  9. Change the BIOS boot order so that the hard drive is higher than the DVD.

  10. Connect the network adapters to the appropriate virtual switch in the Hyper-V environment.

The next time the virtual machine is started, it boots from the hard drive and you can configure the SMA 8200v from the console.

The maximum concurrent user count for the Hyper-V platform is 5000 CCU.

For more details about configuring a Hyper-V, see the Secure Mobile Access Hyper-V Getting Started Guide.

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