Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

WorkPlace Status Bar

The WorkPlace pages have a status bar; see the WorkPlace status bar elements table.

WorkPlace status bar elements
WorkPlace elementDescription

Indicates which user access methods are currently running. For more information about user access agents, see User Access Components and Services.

UserThe username used during login.
Session startThe time at which the current session began, in 24-hour format.
Log out buttonUsers can log out of WorkPlace using this button, but this does not necessarily log them out of any applications that are running (depending on which user access agent is being used). To increase security, users should log out of or quit applications when they finish working with them, particularly when working on computers that are shared with other users.

Users can click this button for system status information (not items appear for all users):

  • Zone: Security zones are used to allow or deny access to members of each community.

  • Realm: A realm allows users to authenticate using credentials stored on an external authentication server.

  • Community: Communities allow you to group realm members based on different security needs.

  • Data protection: Cache Cleaner.

  • For users accessing WorkPlace on small form factor devices, the WorkPlace appearance varies depending on the capabilities of the device. For more information, see End Point Control and the User Experience.

  • On Windows systems, using browser toolbars with popup blocking enabled may prevent WorkPlace from closing any open Network Explorer and graphical terminal session windows when the main WorkPlace window is closed.

  • Logging out of Outlook Web Access (OWA) during a WorkPlace session also logs the user out of WorkPlace. This is because the OWA logoff script clears all browser cookies, including the one used by WorkPlace. Users can simply close the browser window instead of logging out of OWA to work around this issue.

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