Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

The OnDemand Proxy Agent

The OnDemand Proxy Agent is a secure, lightweight agent that provides access to TCP/IP resources. It uses local loopback proxying to redirect communication to protected network resources according to routing directives defined in AMC (it does not support UDP applications).

Note that the OnDemand Proxy Agent does not scale as effectively as the OnDemand Tunnel agent. The OnDemand Proxy Agent is not recommended for usage as a broad VPN agent, but instead should be targeted for access to specific applications through WorkPlace. In situations where you want to provide broad access to applications through the WorkPlace portal for more than 500 concurrent users at a time, we recommend that you deploy the OnDemand Tunnel agent instead. Note that you can use OnDemand Proxy as a fallback for OnDemand Tunnel in case OnDemand Tunnel cannot be installed (perhaps due to issues around administrative rights). In that scenario, you would configure both OnDemand Tunnel and OnDemand Proxy within a community.

This section provides an overview of OnDemand and describes how to configure and deploy it.

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