Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Providing Access to Terminal Server Resources

The Web-based graphical terminal agents provide access to a terminal server using native application protocols. For example, when accessing a Citrix server, the client sends traffic from the client to the server using the proprietary (non-HTTP) Citrix protocol. Accordingly, to provide access to a terminal server resource, you must configure WorkPlace to provision one of the Secure Mobile Access access methods using one of the tunnel clients. If you configure WorkPlace to provide only Translated Web access, terminal resources will be unavailable because the client computer will not have the network transport required to access a proprietary application protocol. For information about configuring access methods, see Selecting Tunnel Access Methods for a Community.

You can enable single sign-on for applications hosted on Windows Terminal Services or a Citrix server; this passes the user’s WorkPlace login credentials to all published applications on the server. If you disable single sign-on, an additional login page is displayed and the user must supply the required credentials before accessing any applications that are hosted on the terminal server.

Enabling access to terminal server resources consists of these basic steps:

  1. Define the terminal server resources and access policy

    First define individual Windows Terminal Services or Citrix servers, or Citrix server farms, and then add these resources to access control rules:

    • You must define each host or Citrix server farm object as a resource in AMC. If your network includes a set of Citrix servers that have similar names, you can save time by using wildcard characters to define one resource object that includes multiple servers.

      If you are configuring a Citrix server farm, you must also define each individual Citrix server that is hosting applications as a resource. For information about defining Citrix server farms, see Adding Citrix Server Farm Resources.

    • Reference the resources in access control rules as you would any other resource. For information about providing terminal server access to individual Windows Terminal Services or Citrix servers, and see Defining an Access Control Rule and Resource for Terminal Server Access.
  2. Install or update the appropriate graphical terminal agent

    When a user initiates a connection to a Citrix or Windows Terminal Services resource through WorkPlace, the appliance determines whether the version of the applicable agent that is available on the appliance is already installed on the user’s computer, and automatically installs or updates the agent as needed. You must ensure that the correct graphical terminal agents are configured in AMC; for information about managing the agents, see Managing Graphical Terminal Agents.

  3. Create a WorkPlace shortcut that references the terminal server resource

    The Windows Terminal Services or Citrix host is accessed from a Web-based agent that is deployed when users click a shortcut in WorkPlace. For information about configuring graphical terminal WorkPlace shortcuts, see Graphical Terminal Shortcuts.

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