Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Connect Tunnel Client

The Connect Tunnel client provides full access to resources protected by the network tunnel service, and to any type of application, including those that use TCP, and non-TCP protocols such as VoIP and ICMP. Connect Tunnel also includes split-tunneling control, granular access controls, proxy detection, and authentication.

The Connect Tunnel client can be deployed in a number of ways (for more information, see Client Installation Packages):

  • Offer users a shortcut in WorkPlace for downloading and installing the client; the link points to the Connect Tunnel resource, described in Built-In Resources.

  • If you don’t want to require users to log in to WorkPlace, have them download and install the Connect Tunnel client components from a network location (such as a Web server, FTP server, or file server).

  • Distribute installation packages using an application such as SMS or Tivoli.

  • Create a master image of a Connect Tunnel install and copy it to user systems using a third-party disk-image copying utility such as Norton Ghost.

The Connect Tunnel client is supported on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh operating systems, and installation of the Connect Tunnel client requires users to have administrator privileges. All Connect Tunnel configuration and management is performed in AMC.

When Connect Tunnel is active, a Connect Tunnel icon is displayed in the system task bar.

You can configure the Windows version of the Connect Tunnel client software to be automatically updated on users’ computers whenever a new version becomes available. For more information, see Windows Tunnel Client Automatic Client Updating.

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