Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Configurable WorkPlace Elements

Most of the features on the home page are configurable; see the below table.

Configurable WorkPlace elements
WorkPlace elementDescription

WorkPlace page content and layout can be customized on a per-community basis. These layout elements include:

  • Content (what shortcuts and shortcut groups are displayed)

  • Pages (single vs. multiple)

  • Columns (single vs. multiple)

  • Navigation (on the left or along the top)

See Modifying the Appearance of WorkPlace for details.

Connect TunnelYou can define custom connections for the Connect Tunnel client from the WorkPlace portal.
Help buttonThe Help system included with WorkPlace contains all the basic information that a user will need. If you would like to make a custom HTML help file available to users instead, you can specify it when you confiigure your WorkPlace style. This is a convenient way to add information that is unique to your environment (for example, information about the resources available on your VPN, and technical support details). This file must be a well-formed, single HTML file.


Shortcut groups

These are administrator-defined shortcuts to the Web, file system, and terminal server resources that the user is allowed to access. Shortcuts are dynamically displayed based on your access policy: each user sees only those resources he or she has privileges to use.

Each type of shortcut behaves differently:

  • Web resource: Opens in a new browser window.

  • Terminal server resource: Opens in a new browser window and the appropriate graphical terminal agent is automatically started or, if necessary, provisioned.

  • Shared folder or file: Opens the WorkPlace Network Explorer page, which appears in a new browser window. Network shortcuts, which point to file system resources, do not appear if you have disabled all access to file system resources (disabling access to file system resources is described in Configuring WorkPlace General Settings).

  • Bookmarks: Provides all basic bookmark functionality (RDP, Citrix, VNC, Telnet, and SSHv2) of Workplace User defined bookmarks.

  • Custom Shortcuts: Behaves according to the custom configuration.

For information about creating shortcuts, see Working with WorkPlace Shortcuts.

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