Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Client Installation Packages

You can make the Connect Tunnel client components available for users to download and install from another network location (such as a Web server, FTP server, or file server) without requiring them to log in to WorkPlace. You can also push the Connect Tunnel client installation package to users through an application such as Tivoli or SMS, or create a master image of a client install and copy it to user systems using a third-party disk-image copying utility.

The client setup packages are available for you to download from AMC. With the Windows-based packages (Connect Tunnel for Windows), you also have the option of configuring various client settings in an .ini configuration file before distributing the client to users.

The easiest way to ensure that users are running the latest version is to make client updates automatic; see Windows Tunnel Client Automatic Client Updating for more information.

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