Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Client and Agent Provisioning (Windows)

Secure Endpoint Manager is a component that enables you to provision Windows users with EPC and access agents reliably when they log in to WorkPlace. It provides better application compatibility for applications that need an agent, and more reliable EPC interrogation; in addition, most client updates do not require administrator privileges. If something goes wrong during provisioning, the error is automatically recorded in a client installation log (identified by username) that you can view in AMC.

Installing Secure Endpoint Manager is a one-time step and does not require that the user have administrator privileges. The only other time users will be (briefly) aware of it once it’s installed is when an access agent or the Access Manager itself needs to be updated. Installing Secure Endpoint Manager is also not required, but users without it will have just Web-only access to resources in WorkPlace, or be forced to log out, depending on how you configure the community.

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