Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide


Users can create personal links in WorkPlace for quick access to any resources that they have privileges to use. This can include Workplace user-defined Web URL, RDP, VNC, Citrix, FTP, SSH, and Telnet bookmarks. Users can also minimize their bookmark list, edit the bookmark list, and edit individual RDP bookmarks.

WorkPlace personal links are similar to Web browser bookmarks or favorites lists except that they are stored on the SMA appliance, while standard browser bookmarks are stored on a specific computer. Users can access and manage their WorkPlace personal links whenever they are logged in to WorkPlace, regardless of the computer they are using.

When you set up communities within a realm (for example, a community of employees and one of partners), you can give each one a unique appearance, using WorkPlace styles and layouts. The WorkPlace layout determines whether the Personal Bookmarks group is displayed for a particular community. See Creating or Editing a WorkPlace Layout for more information.

To access non-HTTP resources (for example, an SMB host) through WorkPlace bookmarks, users must be running an access agent, such as one of the tunnel clients. For more information, see User Access Agents.

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