Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Accessing the Appliance Using Its External IP Address

By default, OnDemand accesses the appliance using the FQDN contained in the appliance’s SSL certificate. This works in a production environment—where the FQDN is added to public DNS—but may be an issue in a test environment for one of two reasons:

  • You have not added the FQDN for the appliance to DNS.

  • The external IP address does not match the external network address on the appliance because your environment uses Network Address Translation (NAT).

In either case, you will need to configure OnDemand to use the IP address for the external network interface.

To configure OnDemand to use the appliance’s external IP address

  1. In the AMC, navigate to User Access > Agent Configuration.

  2. In the Access Agents section, click Edit to the right of OnDemand.

    The Configure OnDemand page displays.

  3. Click to expand the Advanced area.

  4. In the Appliance FQDN or IP address field, enter the IP address for the external network interface.

  5. Click Save.

Before moving the appliance into production, make sure this value contains the FQDN from the appliance’s SSL certificate. Whenever you update the appliance’s SSL certificate, AMC automatically inserts the FQDN in this field (overwriting any value you’ve previously specified).

The first time a user starts OnDemand, the Web browser displays a security warning asking the user to grant permissions to run OnDemand. For information on configuring the browser, see Suppressing the Java Security Warning.

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