Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

About OnDemand Proxy

OnDemand Proxy is a loopback-based proxy solution that secures communication between a client application and an application server. The below image illustrates the connection sequence.

OnDemand Proxy connection sequence

  1. OnDemand starts automatically when the user logs in to WorkPlace.

  2. OnDemand runs within the WorkPlace window.

  3. OnDemand waits for application requests on the local loopback address ( and redirects the traffic to the Web proxy service.

  4. The Web proxy service proxies the traffic to an application server using the application’s required port(s).

  5. The application server sends application traffic to the Web proxy service.

  6. The Web proxy service sends the application traffic to OnDemand, which then passes it to the client application.

OnDemand supports TCP applications that use one or multiple ports, including applications that dynamically define ports (it does not support UDP-based applications). The below table lists applications typically accessed using OnDemand.

Applications accessed using OnDemand

Resident client/server

Typically, these client applications are installed locally on the client computer

Internet email applications:

  • Microsoft Outlook

  • Outlook Express

  • Lotus Notes

  • Netscape Mail

  • Eudora

Terminal emulation applications:

  • WRQ Reflection

  • NetManage RUMBA PC-to-Host

Remote office connectivity applications:

  • Citrix ICA/Xenapp

  • Microsoft Windows Terminal Services

By default, OnDemand is configured to run automatically when the user connects to WorkPlace. For optimum performance, OnDemand is installed on the user’s computer the first time it is accessed, minimizing download time for returning users.

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