Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

A Quick Tour of Modern Workplace

This section gives a general overview of Modern WorkPlace from the customer perspective. The Modern WorkPlace application enables you to securely access private network resources—including Web sites, Web applications, and shared folders or files—from a Web browser.

The Modern WorkPlace is on par with the legacy WorkPlace. All the agents that are supported in legacy WorkPlace are supported in Modern WorkPlace.

The SonicWall Secure Mobile Access user interface for the WorkPlace has been updated to the new SonicWall user interface appearance. This new appearance not only provides a new look and feel, but also provides improved navigation capabilities—including the ability to expand and collapse the navigation menus. In addition, the new user interface design is now compatible with mobile devices.

The Modern Workplace UI provides new features such as:

  • Filter Tab
  • Search bar
  • Reload filter
  • Language support
FilterHelps to filter the bookmark with categories such as web, rdp or network shortcut bookmarks.
SearchHelps to search the bookmarks using the bookmark name.
ReloadClears the selected filters and reloads all the bookmarks.
Language Support

Helps to set the User Interface language. The supported languages include English, Japanese, and Korean.

By default, UI is displayed based on the browser language that you have set.

For more details on the Modern WorkPlace portal, refer to the WorkPlace User Guide.

To enable the users to access Modern WorkPlace, you need to configure the CEM property “EW_USE_MODERN_WORKPLACE” as shown in the below table:

OffDisplays the legacy portal on all the devices.
OnDisplays the modern WorkPlace portal on all the devices.

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