Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

LDAP Examples for Active Directory Authentication

Example 1—Active Directory

Active Directory Configuration 1
Login DNCN=AVtest,CN=Users,DC=testusrs,DC=example,DC=com
Search baseDC=testusrs,DC=example,DC=com
Username attributesAMAccountName

Example 2—Active Directory

Active Directory Configuration 2
Login DNCN=johnDoe,CN=Users,DC=na,DC=example,DC=com
Search baseCN=Users,DC=na,DC=example,DC=com
Username attributesAMAccountname

Example 3—LDAP with Domino Server

LDAP Configuration with Domino Server
Login DNCN=E-Class SMA,O=peoplesoft
Search baseo=peoplesoft
Username attributecn

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