Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Forms-Based Single Sign-On

Many Web applications use forms-based authentication, where the user interface for authentication is a Web form. You can use AMC to set up a single sign-on profile that will forward a user's appliance credentials to a Web application that uses forms-based authentication. There are some built-in profiles that you can modify for your environment:

  • OWA (multiple versions)

  • SharePoint

Forms-based SSO is supported only with translation. For other access agents (Web proxy and OD Tunnel) access the backend Web application cookies required for translation are not provisioned to the server.

Creating Forms-Based Dynamic Single Sign-On Profiles

Legacy Single Sign-On profile supports SSO authentication for applications such as OWA, Citrix ZenApp, and Citrix ZenDesktop. To overcome this limitation and to support all the third party applications such as Confluence, Jira, SonicWall Firewall, and so on, SMA is enhanced to support Dynamic Single Sign-On profile which allows SSO authentication on any type of resources.

Legacy SSO is deprecated and enhanced with Dynamic Single Sign On feature. If you wish to use the Legacy SSO, you can still use by enabling the CEM setting to AMC_SHOW_LEGACY_SSO_PROFILES=true.

See Creating Forms-Based Dynamic Single Sign-On Profiles for more information.

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