Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Configuring Biometric Identification

You can configure biometric identification using the SMA user interface.

To enable Allow Biometric ID

  1. In the AMC, navigate to User Access > Realms.

  2. Click on the Community element for the realm you want to configure.

  3. Select the Tunnel Access option.

  4. Expand the Tunnel client options section.

  5. Navigate to the Cached Credentials section and select one of these options:

    • Always - Always use cached credentials

    • At user's discretion - choose no caching, biometric unlock required, or auto login from cache.

    • Only with biometric verification - Only use credential caching when biometric verification is supported and enabled. Cached credentials are only used after biometric identification verification.

    • Never - Never use cached credentials

  6. If you selected Only with biometric verification, choose at least one of these options:

    • Touch ID on iOS devices

    • Face ID on iOS devices

      Face ID is currently only supported on iPhone X. Support for Face ID in SMA requires Mobile Connect 5.0.2 (5031) or later, and is not supported by Connect Tunnel.

    • Touch ID on Mac OS devices

    • Fingerprint Authentication on Android devices

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