Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Web Proxy Service Issues

  • Temporarily increase the server log level in AMC to Verbose. (Don’t forget to click Pending changes in the top-right corner of any AMC page, and then click Apply Changes to automatically restart the service.)
  • To see the Web proxy service log, click Logging in the main navigation menu, and then select Web proxy audit log from the Log file list. Verify that your connection request appears in the log.

  • Verify that your DNS server can resolve the Web proxy service Server name setting in AMC to the IP address of the Web proxy service interface. You can use the lookup tool within AMC (see Using DNS Lookup), or you can issue the nslookup or dig commands from a command prompt.

  • If your network uses NAT to translate IP addresses, make sure that the Web proxy service Server name setting contains the IP address of the outside (or public) IP address that is being substituted using NAT.

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