Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Validating Hosts

Many of the access control rules that you create in AMC point to host resources; as each rule is evaluated, the appliance tries to resolve these hosts in DNS. When resources are added, deleted, and modified on an appliance, some may become outdated, or completely unreachable. If there are any hosts that can’t be resolved you may also find that performance slows down.

There is a script you can run from the command line on the appliance (using SSH) called checkhosts, located in /usr/local/extranet/bin. By reporting on hosts that may no longer be functional or reachable, this tool can help you update your resources and access control lists so that policy evaluation is more efficient.

For help with the command syntax, type the following:

<appliance prompt>:/usr/local/extranet/bin/checkhosts -h

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