Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Using Personal Firewalls with Agents

Some firewall products display a security alert during the provisioning of Secure Mobile Access agents or EPC components. This is because the firewalls are regulating outbound connections by process (in addition to port and protocol). In most cases, the user can simply “unblock” or “permit” the outbound connection.

Connect Tunnel users should configure their personal firewalls to allow the Secure Mobile Access VPN service (ngvpnmgr.exe) and Secure Endpoint Manager (AventailComponents.exe) to access the Internet and to add the SMA appliance by host name or IP address as a trusted host or zone. In addition, Windows Vista users should make an exception for epiVista.exe.

There are a few firewalls, such as one supplied by Trend Micro, that do not permit a user with restricted rights to override the firewall settings. For corporate systems on which users have limited access rights, you may need to update the firewall settings before deploying the Secure Mobile Access VPN so that users won’t have to respond to security prompts.

Consult the documentation for your corporate personal firewall to determine the firewall policy. If a firewall update proves necessary, a rule that allows all processes to communicate with the appliance over port 443 is recommended.

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