Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Troubleshooting Agent Provisioning (Windows)

Secure Endpoint Manager (SEM) is a component that provisions Windows users with EPC and access agents when they log in to WorkPlace. If something goes wrong during provisioning, the error is recorded in a client installation log (identified by username) that you can view in AMC.

To get to the App data folder, click Start -> Run, type in %appdata%, and press Enter.

Provisioning process presents a broad overview of the provisioning process. At Step 2 through Step 6, information is appended to a file named epiBoostrapper.log (stored in \Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Secure Mobile Access\LogFiles\).

Provisioning process

To troubleshoot agent provisioning

  1. Micro-interrogation (JavaScript is used to get basic platform and browser information):

    • Is this a Microsoft OS? Is ActiveX enabled? If not, is Java enabled?

    • If neither is available, the user sees an error message.

  2. Fetch epiBootstrapper.exe, a self-extracting executable in MSI (Microsoft Windows Installer) format; the executable also includes the macro-interrogator used inStep 5.
  3. Fetch the list of Advanced EPC agents and install it. At a minimum, OPSWAT.msi is installed.

  4. Fetch additional Advanced EPC agents as required by the community.

  5. Macro-interrogation: Search for both Advanced EPC and other device profile attributes, such as a particular file name, or a Windows registry key.

  6. Provision agents (for example, data protection, or OnDemand Tunnel).

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