Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Set Up Zones of Trust

You can define “zones of trust” that provide different levels of access depending on the level of trust at the user’s end point. Connection requests are compared against device profiles you set up in AMC and are then assigned to the appropriate zone. See About End Point Control for more information.

To set up zones of trust

  1. Set up a Deny zone. Deny zones are evaluated first. If there is a device profile match (for example, a certain file or registry key is found on the device), the user is denied access and logged out. See Creating a Deny Zone for more information.

  2. Set up a Quarantine zone. A device for which there is no profile match is placed in the quarantine zone (if one has been defined). You can customize the message users see; for example, you may want to explain why the user is quarantined and what is required to bring the user’s system into compliance with your security policies. See Creating a Quarantine Zone for more information.

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