Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

AMC Issues

One of the most common errors in AMC is to make a configuration change and then forget to apply it. A Pending changes link appears in the top-right corner in AMC whenever changes have been made but not applied. Click the link, and then click Apply Changes to automatically restart the services.

Troubleshooting AMC issues
Can't access AMC

If you can't access AMC, connect a cable to the internal network interface on the appliance and verify that you can access AMC without any network. If this type of connection is impractical, put the laptop on the same network segment as the internal interface (to get as close to the appliance as possible).

If you still can't access AMC, make sure your URL includes the https:// protocol identifier. Also verify that you’ve included the port number 8443 in the URL.

Can’t log in to AMC on the internal networkIf your browser cannot log in to AMC on the internal network, ensure that traffic from the client to the IP address of the appliance’s internal interface actually arrives at the internal interface. Using the network traffic utility in AMC, which is based on tcpdump, you can capture traffic on the internal interface (eth0). Any client attempts to reach AMC should show traffic TCP SYN packets from the client’s IP address directed to port 8443. See Capturing Network Traffic for more information.
Can’t log inIf AMC login fails with the error Invalid Login Credentials, verify the spelling of your username and password. Passwords are case-sensitive; ensure that Caps Lock and Num Lock are not enabled.
CPU utilization is spikingIf you are using nested group lookup on your LDAP or AD authentication server, make sure that you are also caching the lookup results: searching the entire directory tree takes time and increases the CPU usage on both the appliance and your authentication server.

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