Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Adding the SMA Application to Ping Identity PingOne

After you configure Ping Identity PingOne as an SMA Authentication Server, you need to add the SMA application to the Ping Identity PingOne service.

To add the SMA application to the Ping Identity PingOne service

  1. In PingOne, go to the My Applications page.

  2. Under Add Application, select New SAML Application. The Applications Details panel opens.

  3. Enter the Application Name.

  4. Enter the Application Description.

  5. Select the Category you want.

  6. For Graphics, select the Application Logo and Application Icon you want.

  7. Click Continue to Next Step. The Application Configuration panel opens.

  8. For the Protocol Version, select SAML v2.0.

  9. In the Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) field, enter the URL:

  10. Enter the Entity ID.

  11. Enter the Application URL. This should be the same as appliance URL. For example,

  12. For the Single Logout Binding Type, select Post.

  13. Click Next. The SSO Attribute Mapping panel opens.

  14. In the Status column, click in the row for the application to make it active.

  15. Click Save & Publish

  16. Click Add new attribute. The following panel opens.

  17. To upload the CA Certificate to AMC, click Certificate Download.

  18. Click SAML Metadata Download.

  19. Click Finish.

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