Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

About the Tools

Most of the configuration management tasks that you need to perform—backing up and restoring your appliance configuration, applying upgrades, and so on—can be done using the Web-based Appliance Management Console (AMC), on the Maintenance page. This section describes tools on the appliance that perform these same tasks and some others, for administrators who prefer to work on the command line. See the Appliance command-line tools table.

Appliance command-line tools

Backup Tool (config_backup)

Save the current configuration file.

Host Validation Tool (checkhosts)

Show a list of the hosts referred to in your appliance resources, and find out if they are accessible and can be resolved in DNS.

See Managing Configuration Data and Upgrading, Rolling Back, or Resetting the System for a description of configuration data files and how to manage them in AMC.

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